Rock Bar Ayana Uluwatu Bali Property in Bali

Minggu, Februari 04, 2018

Rock Bar Ayana Uluwatu Bali

Where is Rock Bar Ayana Uluwatu Bali . Sunset at Rock Bar Bali at Ayana Resort & Spa - WHAT A PLACE! I've been around the world and seen a lot of crazy things but this place really was the perfect mesh of all the amenities you'd ever want with some of the finest our girl Mother Nature has to offer.
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Herewith Rock Bar ayana on google maps, you may go directly :

Rock Bar Ayana Uluwatu Bali

We got a good spot and enjoyed the festivities in good company. Everyone there seemed to be loving it as the video is evident, some lady even celebrated a special birthday.

Here are some tips, get there early. If you're staying at the Ayana Resort & Spa, you get in the priority line and there is always a line up for those not at the resort. Early is best but you can get lucky as some people are coming and going at all times.
Rock Bar Ayana Uluwatu Bali

Naturally, sunset is prime time but later in the night the crowd turns to the younger set and well they can blast it out all night as there are no neighbors except the ocean and she's a noisy one to begin with.

If you're in Bali and want to bring a special someone somewhere special or turn such said person into a special someone, take them to Rock Bar and live the life for a bit. Remember my friends, you'll never know unless you go. I'll be back next time I'm visiting Bali.

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Rock Bar Ayana Uluwatu Bali
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