Land lease Ubud Bali Property in Bali

Jumat, Oktober 13, 2017

Land lease Ubud Bali

Herewith bali pro realty information regarding Land lease Ubud Bali . The property was located at Petulu village, Ubud, Giyanyar - 3km from Ubud Center.
Bali Sale Rental Property

Herewith Petulu village on google maps :

Land lease Ubud Bali

The land in Desa Petulu, Ubud, Giyanyar - 3km from Ubud Center.  The land has only access through a dead end road, which means it is in a quiet area where there are no other building projects.  There is a lot of green and rice paddies in this area.. Quite a rare find in Ubud these days ...

The land has views across the river of Ubud botanical garden on Jalan Tirta Tawar.  Our land is just above the stream, across the stream and surrounded by jungle and rice fields.
The exact position of the land. 8°29’21.12”S  / 115°16’17.00”E

The size of the land is 14 are (1400 m2)
+ 5.25 are (525 m2)  of green zone 
+ 1 are of access road
A Total of 20 are (2000 m2)

It is a 25 year Leasehold rental  that started  September 24,  2014  (22 years remaining)

We have built an access road to the land, brought electricity on site and have started to build a Javanese Rampasan.

We already have completed and paid for the IMB.  The price above includes the land, the green zone, access road, building and IMB. It also included about 10 gebiok (wooden walls)

The land is owned by 4 brothers, who have 9.5 are each. There is still about 20 are available.

Please let us know if you are interested in working with us for selling the remaining contract of this land, 22 years. We are happy to send copies of documents etc to you and arrange a viewing of the land.

Land lease Ubud Pictures : 

Land lease 22 years remaining : IDR. 1.500.000.000;-

Property code : Rent-land-ubud-001

If you are interested with this property and site inspection needed, please let's us know by type on comment area bellow : 

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Land lease Ubud Bali
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