Bali Bungalow rental on the City Property in Bali

Jumat, Oktober 20, 2017

Bali Bungalow rental on the City

Bali property information regarding Bali Bungalow rental on the City. 14 years remaining on the existing land lease - this can be extended with the land owner (you will have 14 years to NEGO any extension with the owner)

PRICE - based upon the remaining term = 14 years (if you wish for ME to nego with landowner for longer land lease, then this cost will be added)

RENTAL PRICE ONLY - 1,330,000,000rp = $125,000aus (for 14 years)
Income - 17,300,000rp per month
x12 = 207,600,000rp per year
x14 years = total 2,906,400,000rp / $273,500aus

Fully operational KOS since 2013 (newly built)
Based in Pemogan just off of Jalan Palau Galang, this is a quiet, friendly & thriving local area

Bali Bungalow rental Consisting of 

2 apartments - 1 bedroom, living room, bathroom & bathroom
7 rooms - various sizes, own bathroom & small kitchen area

We often have a waiting list for the rooms.  The tenants are predominantly locals who wish to stay long term. This area is in high demand as it is 5 minutes to Denpasar, Carrefour, Kuta & Legian/Seminyak

This business is a minimal risk, effort & time consuming investment

Current room rates - inc hot water shower & A/C and each room has its own electricity meter / supply
Room 1 = 2,000,000rp per month
Room 2 = 2,000,000ro per month
Room 3 = 2,000,000rp per month
Room 4 = 2,000,000rp per month
Room 5 = 1,000,000rp (smaller room & no hot water / AC)
Room 6 = 2,000,000rp per month
Apartment 7 = 3,000,000 per month
Apartment 8 - £,300,000 per month (inc western cable TV & western kitchen equipment)

Total income = 17,300,000rp per month = $1,630aus
Rent & electricity are paid via bank transfer
Each tenant supplied their electricity meter ready monthly & are billed via SMS / WA

Staff pay = $1,000,000 or room 5 for free (when averaged out work 3 hours per day, as most of the time the KOS is full)

Bali Bungalow rental on the City

Staff duties:
Pay monthly WIFI / Cable bill = 500,000rp
Pay electricity bill
Invoice via WA / SMS electricity bill monthly to each tenant
Ensure rent paid on time, by checking guest receipts & internet banking
Water plants
General tidy outside every 2-3 days
Ensure rubbish collected
Advertise on OLX and Facebook when rooms become vacant
Show new guests the rooms / fill the rooms
Register each tenant with the local Banjar / police
Clean room when becomes vacant
Bali Sale Rental Property

Herewith the bungalow picture : 

Bali Bungalow rental on the City

Property code : Rent-Villa-denpasar-001

If you are interested with this bungalow, please do not hesitate to fill comment bellow :

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Bali Bungalow rental on the City
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