Come to Lovina Festival event Property in Bali

Selasa, September 12, 2017

Come to Lovina Festival event

Let's Come to Lovina Festival event, located on north of Bali, Buleleng regency , lovina has regularly event on beach front . Lovina Beach in the northern coast of Bali is set to host a four-day festival starting from 14 September 2017 .

According to - “Activities of the Lovina Festival 2017 will be centered at Kalibukbuk Beach and supported by Buleleng as part of efforts to improve its tourism,” said Culture and Tourism Agency head I Nyoman Sutrisna.
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The Lovina Festival took Theme "Enjoy the Difference", the opening event will feature a series of performances and activities, such as Baleganjur , Gebogan Parade, Gong Kebyar, Ki Barak Panji Sakti dance, bull race in Kaliasem village and wayang (shadow puppets) performance, etc.

On the second day, the festival will host Yoga Asana Health & Beauty activity, handicraft and culinary exhibitions, dance performances and Sampi Gerubungan.

The next day will be filled with art and music performances, bonangan race and gong kebyar wanita Kalibukbuk Bondres.

Come to Lovina Festival event

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Come to Lovina Festival event
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