Bali long term rentals cheap Property in Bali

Senin, Juli 10, 2017

Bali long term rentals cheap

Herewith Bali long term rentals cheap on real estate and property which is located at South of Denpasar City . bali monthly rentals.

Would you like to have a HOLIDAY HOME IN BALI, INDONESIA?
OR to run a small business in Bali?

Bali long term rentals cheap

10 or 20 year rental contract in South Bali - 2 bedroomed / 2 bathroom bungalows
(can sleep up to 13 people, using temporary beds / sofas)
Bali long term rentals cheap

Permission granted for subletting
Full tenancy & a contract offered via a solicitor / lawyer

THIS ADVERT price IS FOR 1 bungalows, however I do have 2 available

Total price - payable at start of contract
For 10 year lease = 326,500,000rp ($32,500 aus / starting bid) = USA $24,557
For 20 year lease = 515,000,000rp ($51,538 aus / starting bid) = USA $38,732

So for just $7 (Aussie) per day (the price of a Starbucks / coffee stop) this can be
A family holiday home
A timeshare
A sublet / rental business

SO, If you can imagine x8 investors, PER YEAR have a full 6.5 WEEKS each in Bali to use yourselves OR family / friends OR to rent out and collect the income!!!  FOR 20 YEARS....
This would cost JUST an average of $323 (aussie) each year, per investor!!!!  CRAZY PRICE, yes?

The bungalows were built in April 2016, so they are very new - NO SWIMMING POOL

PLEASE NOTE THAT the BUNGALOWS ARE SITUATED IN A LOCAL AREA (which a lot of people prefer), BUT ARE JUST 5 MINUTES from the closest tourist area

Bali Sale Rental Property

Fully furnished, including bed linen, towels and kitchen equipment/utensils
Situated in Pemogan
Just 5 minutes to Carrefour and Kuta
Just 15 minutes to the airport, Seminyak and Sanur

Each bungalow currently rents out for 400,000rp - 650,000rp per night ($40 - $65 aus)

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Bali long term rentals cheap
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